Another day, another all-accessories website, and you should not complain! Intelikraft Impex LLP, a concept of extreme elegance that affects the entire way of being is just a little rendezvous with style. But in this case it's all about accessories—which we all know are the best part of fashion anyway! With several years of experience and vast technological knowledge we, Intelikraft Impex LLP leads the way in manufacturing.

Our journey into the world of leather products started with the imagination and passion of Amit Dasgupta who wanted to live his dreams in the fashion industry. That dream translated into iBURY, an expression to unparalleled design , artisanal quality and imagination.His 15 years of invaluable experience in leather industry, extensive contact with Indian manufacturers and in depth understanding of the dynamics of leather market overseas made it possible to craft highly fashionable,luxurious and affordable products.

iBURY & Intellikraft Impex LLP is one and the same , latter is the legal entity meeting ISO 9000:2015 certified standards,incorporated in July 2015.
iBURY contributes towards reducing Global Warming and Socio Economic Causes. All iBURY products are made from a unique eco-leather that is bio-degradable,tanned & without any harmful chemicals. The hides come from local cattle. This ensures a cleaner and safer tanning process and reduces carbon footprint.

Specialising in producing classic, elegant accessories with authentic vintage look and feel, iBURY designs and produces women’s and men’s handbags, small leather goods, travel accessories of superior quality with a spirit of "crafted intelligence" & "change-often" philosophy to keep abreast with the evolving style statement.

iBURY craftsmen works in a friendly, safe and healthy environment, with industry standard wages and benefits. Industry standard training and education in Leather technology is imparted to women coming from economically weaker section of the society, thereby empowering them financially which indirectlty contribute to happiness & smiles in the lives of their family.

Intellikraft subordinate firm to Manti Fashions Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and retailer of Genuine Leather Handcrafted Products. We have been exporting our leather bags & wallets for over 17 years in several parts of Europe & Australia and have just launched Online Sale of our products in India.